Bosis Management System is certified according to standard ISO 9001.

The system was certified in January 2004 and it was the first ISO certificate in the municipality.

Recertification was done every third year and the last one was performed by SGS in 2017.

Certified quality management system allows us to improve overall performance and gives us the firm foundation for sustainable growth.

Benefits of implementing quality management system based on ISO 9001 standard:

  • consistently ensure products and services which fulfill clients’ and regulatory requirements
  • making opportunities for clients’ satisfaction increase
  • understanding and fulfilling the needs of the stakeholders
  • dealing with the risks related to company’s context and goals
  • resources management (human, working environment, infrastructure, equipment…)
  • process model and process management
  • valuing performances
  • measuring, analyses and improvements

Direct benefits and advantages after 15 years of performing business in accordance to the provisions of ISO 9001 standard:

higher level of interested parties’ satisfaction (clients, suppliers…)

business cost optimization

better market possibilities

internal and external communication improvement

profit growth

efficient resource usage

employees’ responsibility improvement