• You recognized Bosis as an ideal employer for you
  • You want to start a career in a modern company, to develop and progress
  • You found a career that suits you
  • You are professional and responsible
  • You share our values
  • You want to become part of the Bosis family and make efforts in order to contribute to achieving the mission of Bosis

1st step - Apply online

We don’t accept CVs

Application is done by filling in Job application on our web site

Fill in online application form

The application form consists of questions relating to workplace expectations, personal data, education, work experience, training and development, foreign languages and computer proficiency, as well as possession of knowledge, skills, certificates and diplomas.

Someone can recommend you or be your reference?

Candidate referral form
  • Fill in the application form by yourself
  • The electronic application does not imply you will get the job, but it provides opportunity to be invited to the next stage of selection process
  • The electronic application is a confidential document and Bosis will use it for the selection process only
  • Your personal data shall be used for staff selection

What’s important is to fill in all the information in the form carefully and accurately since they are the first criterion for deciding who will be invited for testing.

If you encounter some issues when completing the application, please see our FAQ page.

Application options

Apply to the database of potential candidates

We will contact you when we identify the need for the employees of your profile

Job application

Apply for an open position

Job openings

2nd step- Testing

You have fulfilled the necessary conditions for the workplace for which you applied

We invite you to testing

  • The tests are tailored with regard to requirements of the workplace you have applied for
  • We evaluate whether you possess the skills, abilities and behaviors that are necessary to be successful at the workplace
  • We get familiar with your work experience, interests, attitudes towards business issues, ethics and security

3rd step- Interview

Interview helps us to get to know each other better

It is to unique opportunity to

  • find out everything you are interested in about Bosis and about the position you applied for
  • get to know you in person and as a potential colleague

Interview at Bosis consists of group and individual part.

Group interview

A group interview is an opportunity to see how you deal with the work environment and specific group tasks and situations that you can meet in the job for which you have applied.

Individual interview

An individual interview is an opportunity for you to get to know Bosis better and that we get to know you better.

You can interview us as well!

We are ready to answer all of your questions that could help you make a decision whether we are an employer for you.

During the interview there are colleagues from the HR department, a direct manager and some of your colleagues with whom you will work if you get a job in Bosis.

4th step- Job offer

We send you an offer – employment letter in which we specify all work conditions at Bosis.

We believe in a partnership, and we believe that both sides must find a common interest.
We expect you to respond to our offer within the defined deadline and if you accept, you become part of Bosis.

5th step- You are now a member of Bosis family