Company context

The company identifies external and internal issues that are relevant to its purpose and strategic direction and that affect its ability to achieve the intended results – the outcomes of integrated system management. The context of the company is described in the Rules of Procedure of IMS, Mission, Vision, values, and is reflected in continuous improvement and striving to go one step further in following global trends in management and technology, long-term cooperation and good partnerships, employee care.

The Company monitors and reviews information on external and internal matters during management review. Top management by considering issues arising from the legal, technological, competitive, market, cultural, social and economic environment, whether international, national, regional or local, as well as issues related to the values, culture, knowledge and performance of the organization shows understanding the organization and its context.

The community in which we live and work makes the Company the right choice for a reliable partner of all interested parties for the production of printed and laminated cardboard packaging on the European market.

The company defines the needs and expectations of stakeholders.

The limits and applicability of integrated system management, subject and scope take into account:

a) external and internal issues,

b) requirements of relevant stakeholders and compliance obligations
c) the company’s products and services, organizational units, functions and boundaries, powers, responsibilities and ability that can be influenced, all of which are described in the IMS Rules of Procedure

The company applies all the requirements of international standards with which it has decided to comply, if they are applicable within the defined subject and scope of IMS.

The subject and area of ​​application of IMS is the production of printed and laminated cardboard packaging and blister cardboard.