Cooperation- Clients

Reliable partner – loyal client

Bosis is reliable partner which delivers cardboard and laminated packaging and blister cards to its 130 clients in country and abroad.

We cooperate with clients who have different demands regarding dimensions, shape, materials, technology and volume of printed and laminated packaging and blister cards. We possess modern equipment, capacities and exceptionally qualified and hard-working employees who successfully fulfill our clients’ demands.

We are ready to respond to clients’ requests from other countries as well if they have the need for the type of packaging we produce.

Partnership journey

Partnership journey with our clients is quick because we are focused on their demands and needs. From the beginning of this journey we strive to be competent and reliable partner in areas of product development, innovation and advising

Request for offer

If you have the need for our packaging and you would like to receive a quotation, please fill in online questionnaire in order that we get all the necessary information and respond as soon as possible.

Schedule a meeting

If you would like to meet our company representatives and discuss potential cooperation, please fill in online request

Clients’ satisfaction is priority for us

We do everything to satisfy clients’ demands and we are always ready to hear their opinion about our business performance.



By filling in grievances form you can raise all your grievances. We will investigate all grievances confidentially and take actions in order to prevent undesired situations.
In order to help our existing and potential clients to find the best possible solution for their products packaging, we prepared responses to questions we have been most frequently asked during previous years.