Employees’ involvement in decision making process

Employees’ council

Bosisu Employees’ council was firstly elected 10 years ago.

In accordance to provisions of Labor law the Employees council gives opinion and participate in decisions regarding economic and social rights of the employees as defined and under conditions prescribed in law and company’s general procedures.

During the last ten years the Council has participated in giving opinions and suggestions to the employer on adoption and legislation of normative acts of the company regarding employees’ rights and on defining and exercising labor rights.

Workplace health and safety council

Workplace health and safety council within the company operates in accordance to provisions of the Occupational health and safety Law.

The Council has an insight in all acts regarding workplace health and safety. The council participates in discussing all the matters regarding OHS.

The employer regularly informs the Council about:

all the data related to OHS,
findings and suggestions regarding protection and preventive measures or actions taken by labor inspections (if any)
workplace injury reports, professional illness and illness regarding the work as well as actions taken for workplace health and safety
actions taken for preventing immediate dangerous to health and life.

Ethics council

As a company where ethics and employees moral standards have great importance we formed Employees council for the ethics matters.

All employees at Bosis are familiarized with company’s values and the Code of ethical and business conduct of the employees on their first working day and they are obliged to abide to its provisions during their work at Bosis.

Ethics council has the goal to ensure ethics on all levels in the organization, to monitor and reports on the Code enforcement, reporting mechanisms, communication and trainings, to support employees, conduct dialogues with stakeholders, manages risks and resolve the issues regarding ethics.

Ethics center