We think of the impact on the environment

We recognized that one of the biggest contemporary challenges is environmental protection and therefore, we are trying to operate in a more sustainable way and to carry out activities that contribute to the preservation of our environment in all domains of our business.

We recognize and measure the impact our business has on the environment and define activities to reduce this impact. Having in mind that environmental pollution is one of the biggest global problems, we are constantly striving to find ways for more sustainable business.

We have defined different environmental procedures and guidelines that are related to our business. We invest in equipment for wastewater disposal which occurs during production as well as in proper waste management.

Our environmental strategy begins with the education of our employees and continues through our everyday activities inside and outside of Bosis.

Advantages of Bosis for the Environment:

  • Reducing the amount of material consumption by using a “smart” design
  • Focus on the production of products that can be reused
  • Use of recyclable materials
  • ISO 14001 & 9001 standards
  • FSC certificate
  • Automatic waste collection in production
  • Recycle area
  • Careful selection of cardboard types and weight
  • Procurement of materials from environmentally responsible suppliers

Waste management

With the increase in the number of people, the amount of waste on the planet grows, and therefore we all need to undertake waste reduction activities and manage waste responsibly in the production process.

In addition to managing waste responsibly, we undertake activities to reduce waste generated in production while raising the awareness of our employees who individually contribute to waste decrease and its responsible management.

Water protection

As water is one of the resources that lacks on the planet, we try to reduce water consumption in our work, but also to manage wastewater responsibly and to protect the waters that surround us. With responsible wastewater management we eliminate the possibility of contamination of the water that surrounds us, but also provide water recycling and therefore its reuse.

Energy consumption

As one of the biggest challenges in today’s world is the lack of energy, we are trying to give our contribution to reducing the consumption of electricity. This contribution starts from small things such as the regular turning off of lights in rooms where it is not necessary, to usage of ecological sources of energy to heat our rooms during the winter months.

Emergency Situations

In addition to the fact that Bosis has a procedure for responding to emergency situations, we regularly conduct emergency drills. These drills allow us to recall procedures in practice and learn some new rules.

The significance of these drills was especially evident during the May floods in 2014 when, thanks to the organized and trained response of employees who were then on duty, a greater damage was prevented that the nearby river Krivošija could inflict to Bosis.