Our focus is directed to energy efficiency which has positive influence on our products, production, clients, environment and community

  • We clearly define the goals
  • We comply with legal regulations
  • We responsibly manage energy consumption
  • We invest in equipment and installations that reduce energy consumption and positively affect sustainability and the environment.
  • We constantly improve the functionality and performance of equipment and installations, which contributes to reducing energy consumption and emissions, and contribute to the fight against climate change.
  • We involve all employees and other stakeholders
  • We provide training and awareness programs
  • We explore a complete supply chain and analyzing the impacts
  • We make constant improvements

So far, we have implemented the following activities

We reduced energy consumption through employee awareness and training programs

  • We have trained employees for energy saving
  • We have implemented a power cut-off program for breaks and other situations where energy is not used
  • We installed sensors for automatic turning on / off the light
  • We marked devices for turning on the machine with stickers “Turn off the machine when not in use”
  • We put stickers that remind and encourage positive behaviors when it comes to saving energy

We decreased energy consumption with efficient equipment

  • We replaced old fluorescent lighting with LED lighting and achieved significant savings.
  • We have introduced managing system for frequency regulators for major power engines
  • We have replaced the system for waste paper and carton removal with a new system that consumes four times less energy.
  • We have improved the compensation system for losses caused by the emergence of reactive energy
  • We automated printing control
  • All buildings in their walls have 6cm of styrofoam as insulation, which saves energy
  • We installed intelligent heating and air conditioning

We implemented new technologies which decrease the emission of GHG

  • Heating to solid fuel was replaced by heating on biomass which reduced emissions of harmful gases.
  • Liquid petroleum gas (TNG) was replaced by conjugated petroleum gas (CNG) in the production of water steam.

We optimized processes of internal transport

  • We stopped using vehicles on gas and diesel for internal transport and invested in internal transport vehicles with energy drive.
  • We installed sensor batteries and reduced water consumption.
  • We built in sensors for turning on / off the lighting and reducing the power consumption.

We optimized transport and decreased emission of CO2

  • We optimize the emissions of gases by using full capacity of trucks through collective transport
  • We hire third parties for logistics
  • We use public transport services for our employees

Green IT

  • We use electronic portals to send and receive documentation, what reduces paper, fuel, energy consumption
  • We communicate via video and skype links on conferences and meetings
  • Maximum use of e-mail communications
  • We exchange invoices electronically

We perform internal and external audits and evaluate performances

  • We organized summer and winter audit

We donate funds for projects that positively influence the awareness of energy efficiency and sustainability

Our goals for the next year are:

Carrying out a study on the construction of a solar power plant on buildings roofs