Our products-packaging are responsible and sustainable through the entire product lifecycle

We promote sustainable usage of our packaging

Materials and supply chain

We cooperate with clients in all stages of preparation, optimization and production of packaging

  • We use optimal materials when producing samples for clients
  • We produce sustainable usage of our packaging
  • We influence decrease of material consumption through clients’ advising
  • With Box compression we decide on optimum stiffness of the box and optimum usage of materials
  • We are certified in accordance to FSC standard requirements
  • We are certified in accordance to ISO14000 requirements

Odgovorno upravljamo lancem nabavki

Products and production

  • We use resources responsibly
  • We promote responsible production
  • We facilitate recycling of materials which our packaging is made of
  • The packaging is designed so it can be easily folded/unfolded and recycled
  • Products are designed to be easily recycled
  • Functional packaging convenient for easy disposal


  • Storage of packaging in the facilities that are clean and protected from external impacts
  • We maintain appropriate conditions for our products storage by regular checks of hygiene, air moisture and temperature and by taking DDD measures
  • Transport is performed in vehicles which are clean and safe and do not affect the environment

Usage after consumption

We train and notify clients about recycling

  • We label our products with AP 20 and PAP 21 depending on the type of packaging and thus manage the waste in the chain

We manage packaging waste

We implement active programs for material recycling

Our products are ethical