For us the waste is a resource and value

With the increased number of people on the planet waste quantity increases as well and we should all together take the actions for waste reduction and responsible management of the waste aimed at achieving 0% of the waste in the chain wherever it is possible.
Our goal is
% zero waste

We define clear goals
We improve the methods of decreasing, reusing, recycling and altering materials and resources
We responsibly manage the waste
We involve all employees and other stakeholders in waste management
We conduct trainings and awareness programs
We investigate the entire supply chain and analyze life cycle of a product
We follow our suppliers in the chain and waste manipulators and buyers
We apply 3 R principles
We cooperate with clients and suppliers in order that packaging is reused

We responsibly manage the waste


We strive to produce responsible packaging. With less consumption of reusable and non-reusable materials we produce more and in that way save resource and decrease gas emission

Packaging is a loss
Cardboard packaging is valuable resource
+ it is easily collected
+ it is easily recycled
+ prevents the waste of damaged products packed in
+ has many ecological benefits: natural resources usage optimization, improvement of the waste collection system, decrease of generated waste and usage of unrecycled components

Our approach

  • We decrease packaging weights (by decreasing the thickness or quantity of built-in materials)
  • We suggest more sustainable materials and solutions
  • We increase recycle by using the materials which can be recycled
  • We label the products and packaging in accordance to international standards in order that all consumers of packaging, starting from producer to final client, can manage the packaging and packaging waste more easily
  • We educate our employees, clients and their consumers, other stakeholders how to manage the waste

We responsibly manage the waste

Waste from clients and consumers

We produce and suggest multifunctional solutions to our clients

At the same time we suggest transport collective packaging which is placed on the market shelf and replaces two or more commercial single packaging by which the following is decreased:

  • packaging expenditures,
  • sales area and
  • quantity of generated waste.
WE IMPROVE THE METHODS OF WASTE TREATMENT AND STRIVE TO ACHIEVE ZERO WASTE IN PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE. We continuously discover new and innovative methods how to reuse the materials that are put to waste.

We responsibly manage the waste


We are committed to decreasing the waste level we make in production

% waste decrease in 2017.
% the goal to decrease the waste in 2018.

Total management of packaging waste

% decreasing technology waste
% decreasing the share of non-usable materials.
% increase of net material share in the gross material amount for production of final product

We conduct active programs for paper and cardboard recycling

  • We sell waste cardboard and recycle at responsible operators
  • We manage the waste in accordance to Law and internal procedures

We conduct active programs for color recycling

  • We use color leftovers for production of new shades

We conduct active programs of washing resources recycling

  • We use water based resources for washing

We implemented process optimization in order to increase the efficiency of paper and colors

  • We pack our products on sheet and thus contribute to material optimization
  • We use special cardboard of special formats with minimum waste
  • We installed the system for central distribution of colors and thus eliminate throwing away of unused colors
  • We print light colors before dark colors whenever it is possible

We promote new approach to products approval by new technology usage

  • We responsibly mange chemicals in accordance to regulations

Conveyor and pipeline

Waste paper and cardboard which occur during production process are automatically sent to baling machine via internal system for waste transport. (conveyor and pipeline)

There are no losses or waste dispersion in the process of waste collection and internal transport

Waste paper and cardboard is bailed and temporarily stored at recycle area and then transported to manipulators and buyers of waste.

Packaging waste which occurs in the company is collected, bailed and stored at recycle area and then transport to manipulators and buyers of waste.

We have recycle area

During production we perform waste segregation in order to ensure that only recyclable waste is sent to recycling.

Ten years ago, we established recycle area as one of the important resources for the environment management system.

Recycle area is collecting place for selective storage of different waste types and represents a step forward in waste management at Bosis.

  • It is materially and technically equipped foe reception of all wastes generated at the company.
  • Recycle area capacity is reception of all generated wastes for the 3 months period of company’s business
  • From establishing until today there wasn’t a single negative effect on the environment regarding recycle area functionin.ž

We purchase the products produced prom sustainable materials and we tend to use recyclable materials wherever is possible.