Water protection

Since water is the resource that is scarce on the planet we tend to reduce water consumption during our work, but also to manage waste water responsibly and to protect water in our environment.

By responsible management of waste water, we eliminate the possibility of polluting the water that surround us, but we also ensure water recycling and its reuse.

Our risk evaluation regarding water show that water is an important resource, but at the same time that our water consumption is negligible.


Water share in natural resources usage

Water we use is

  • Meets health and safety requirements
  • Ecological and
  • In accordance to regulations.

Our approach

16% decrease of water consumption compared to previous year

36.5% achieved decrease of water consumption per unit compared to previous year

  • We develop smart innovations and interventions in order to decrease water consumption and negative effect on the environment.
  • We actively seek the solutions for:
    • decreasing
    • recycling
    • water reuse.
  • We clearly define the goals
  • We responsibly manage water
  • We involve employees and other stakeholders in water management
  • We conduct awareness training and programs
  • We monitor water management in supply chain, and especially for the cardboard producers where the water is important resource.
  • We responsible choose operators and waste buyers we cooperate with

Bosis goal is to decrease water consumption for 10% in the following year

  • 100% of trained employees for rational water usage- drinking and technological water
  • We have innovative systems for equipment washing and cleaning
  • We introduced systems for reducing water consumption (sensor taps, hot and cold water machines, toilets with less water consumption, sensors for automatic flushing
  • We use water based materials which don’t pollute the water
  • We introduced chemicals for offset plate development with minimal water consumption
  • We installed equipment for chemical water preparation which decreases water consumption
  • We installed boilers with efficient CNG gas torch for steam production

We responsibly manage water


Water is not an integral part of our product.

We responsibly manage water


Quantity of water we need in production process is negligible. We use water as the energy for steam, cooling, printing operation, cleaning, hygiene and personal use.

Effect of water on production cycle at Bosis

  • Steam energy
  • Cooling
  • Printing operation
  • Cleaning, hygiene
  • Personal use

We responsibly manage waste waters

We confirm that our consumption of water does not have negative influence on local community and that we manage water responsibly.