Our reputation of responsible company and trustworthy partner is one of the most important sources of our success. In order that we maintain our reputation, in our everyday business we comply with high ethics standards, our values and conduct continuous audits.

When we are not sure we review our decisions

If we are at any moment unsure what we should do we ask ourselves following questions
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    Is it legal?

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    Is it in compliance with our procedures?

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    Does it reflect Bosis values and ethical principles?

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    Does it respect our people, stakeholders, clients, partners and local community?

If the answer to any of these questions is ,,NO’’

we will stop the process of decision making and ask help from the sustainability department.

We expect the same from you

If you are unsure ask for help from the sustainability department

Ethics center

What we believe

We are honest We are trustworthy We respect others We are brave We make good judgments We are responsible
The things we say are always correct and transparent. We are open in communication with others. Our word has the value. We keep our promises to each other and our stakeholders. We always and without compromise do the right things. We treat everyone with respect. We value others’ contribution and we listen to their opinions. We always advocate for the things that are right and just. We do not hide anything and report wrongdoing when we see it. We always think twice before we do something. We use our purpose, values, and ethical principles as filters which help us in making decisions. We accept responsibility for all our actions. We admit our mistakes and we quickly correct them. We support those who do the right things in order that we find solutions.
We always comply with laws and Bosis procedures We don’ t compromise about the things that question our integrity We just say no We make good choices We carefully chose our business partners We always speak up
But that is the least we can do- we live our values and ethical principles. We refuse any job we cannot conduct in legal and ethical manner. We won’t allow that the pressure of success make us do something that is wrong. We refuse any tasks that are illegal and unethical. No one has the right to make us do something that will violate our laws, our Code of conduct, procedures and ethical principles. We use our values, and ethical principles as filters which help us in making decisions We chose those who share our values and high standards of ethics in business. We won’t let anyone damage our reputation and our brand by illegal and unethical business on Bosis behalf. If we doubt that someone, a colleague or partner involved in unethical activities we maintain our values and organizational culture by reporting it. If we have concerns about certain behavior we talk about that. We consider admitting mistakes and taking activities to correct them responsible behavior.

What does it mean for you

We respect and live by our values everyday
  • Quality

    Our method of work
    All we do, we do with quality. At Bosis, quality product is the same as clients’ satisfaction and that is why we aim to perform our activities the best we can and ensure the excellence of our final product. For us, quality product means that it has to be flawless what confirms the number of our loyal clients.


  • Reliability

    You can always trust in what we say and do
    Rely on us as reliable partner, supplier, employer and local community member. The foundation of our reliability is the two-way communication that we develop with our stakeholders, but also the integrity in all our relations. Responsible conduct and business ensured us clients’ trust and loyalty, employees’ satisfaction and engagement, partnership with our suppliers and reputation of committed member of local community that has been lasting for three and a half decades.


  • Partnership

    Towards common goal
    We strive and believe in developing long-term partnerships and achieving common goals in and outside Bosis. At Bosis, we achieve this by building strong teams in which we develop relations of support and care which we transfer to our business and activities outside Bosis.


  • Progress

    Constant improvements lead to excellence
    We constantly follow, analyze and implement new trends regarding technology and production. We tend to develop our employees as well, by identifying their progress and learning potential and providing them trainings in order that they improve their knowledge. Expertise and progress of each individual contribute to Bosis progress and to be excellent and competitive on the market.

Our products are ethical

Bosis is aware of the important role it has in preserving and empowering all your brands. Our products represent everyday reminder that we are what we produce and sell. By applying the principles of ethical product an marketing we place clients on the top of all our activities and by that we accomplish our major goal.

Ethical products

Our principles for ethical products

Accuracy and transparency of entire business
Fair pricing politics
Ensuring cooperation transparency
Clients’ data and privacy protection

Commitment to sustainable resources and protection of the endangered ones
Active listening and meaningful responses to clients’ question
Continuous improvement of our products and services

We make responsible investment decisions

When we make decisions about investments we apply ESG factors of responsible investments in order that we reduce the risks that could appear during investment process.

We are taking care that our decisions don’t have negative influence on the environment, (E-environment), our employees, stakeholders and local community (S-social) and that they don’t violate our rules and laws (G-governance).