Bosis joined EU talent project and showed exceptional results regarding the organization of apprenticeships.


Average result of the companies from Europe


Bosis result

Online assessment of the processes which ensure the quality of apprenticeships included evaluation of the following apprenticeships areas


Employment and job position change

Quality of learning

Quality of training

Work conditions

About #eutalent

Project “Business in Europe Hosting Apprenticeships for Youth” (EU talent) is realized in 12 countries and its financed by European commission through Erasmus + program with the aim to involve SMEs motivated to contribute to resolving the problem of the youth unemployment by creating quality apprenticeships.

Goal of the project

Ensuring the quality of apprenticeships

Increasing the number of apprenticeships
Improving the quality of apprenticeships
Building the image of the companies which carry out apprenticeship
Contribution to the dialogue about the policies on national and European level
Understanding between the youth, educational institutions and economy

The project represents direct support to European Pact for Youth, mainly through the help for achieving the goal of establishing 100.000 apprenticeships.

It is the part of support to European alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA) which aims at increasing the quality of the chances which are offered to young talents from Europe.