Supply chain

Together towards sustainability

We closely cooperate with our suppliers and we try to keep high quality standards of packaging together, to increase efficiency and add value to it. Our suppliers are our partners on our journey to better quality and increasing clients’ satisfaction.

Best suppliers for best packaging

We expect our suppliers to fulfill ethics and sustainability requirements in order that we ensure quality of our packaging and clients’ and stakeholders’ satisfaction.

We choose the best suppliers who share our values and principles of business and ethics. It is important to us that our suppliers have the potential to follow our production process and our clients’ demands, as well as to offer us innovation, efficiency increase and optimization of production and logistics costs.

Sustainable partnership with suppliers

All these activities are the part of our supply chain.
We ensure quality and sustainable materials for our production cycle by carefully choosing suppliers, analyzing risks and supply, but at the same time we try to maintain and develop responsible partnerships with our suppliers.

Parts of our supply process:

Supplier selection
Risks and supplies analyses
Continuous evaluation

Sustainable growth

We have the challenge to maintain relationship with our suppliers and that we together work on continuous improvements of sustainability. We and our suppliers grow together with our clients, share experiences, knowledge, strive to be more efficient, to optimize consumption, improve social, ethics, environment and sustainability standards in our supply chain.

Supplier selection

Our relationship with supplier begins with supplier evaluation. At the beginning we are focused to choose the ‘’right’’ suppliers for us, our clients and their brands.

Apart from standard criteria such as quality, price and other commercial conditions, during supplier selection we take into account criteria which are related to responsibility and sustainability.

In order to become our potential supplier it is necessary to satisfy our initial criteria for supplier selection which are binding and aren’t subject to negotiation.

Shortly, it means that our potential supplier accepts:

Purchase Terms and Conditions
principles of supplier’s conduct
to operate in accordance to quality management system

to comply with our Confidentiality agreement
to apply the principles of good practice.
audits by our company

Potential suppliers database

Risks and supply analyzing

When we make decisions about purchasing we apply ESG factors of responsible purchasing in order that we reduce the risks that could appear during purchasing process.

We are taking care that our decisions don’t have negative influence on the environment, (E-environment), our employees, stakeholders and local community (S-social) and that they don’t violate our rules and laws (G-governance).




We support our suppliers on their journey to sustainability

Supplier audits

In order that we reduce the risk in supply chain we carry our external supplier audits with the goal to ensure high quality, ethics and sustainability standards which are crucial for clients’ satisfaction.

TDuring external audits our experts review supplier compliance to our principles of conduct for suppliers, quality standards or good practice examples. They also check the validity of the data submitted in questionnaire for suppliers through documentation review and interviews with supplier employees.

After the audit we define suggestions for improvement through the dialogue with our suppliers in order that we together empower and improve our products and our supply chain.


When cooperating with subcontractors we apply the same responsibility policy as with the suppliers and other parties we cooperate with. All our subcontractors are promptly familiarized with our ethics and business rules and our way of doing business.

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