Development in and with community

It is important that local community develops with us and that is why we support all events and activities important for its development.

We realized long time ago that we cannot grow and achieve sustainability if the community where we work is not sustainable. That is the reason we strive to direct all our socially responsible activities and donations to making a difference in the community where we do business and thus contribute to its sustainability.


With partnership towards sustainability and change

By responsible governance, risks analyses, transparent business, dialogue and stakeholder involvement we try to build partnerships, achieve added value and direct our business to solving important social issues. Long-term and mutual efforts and commitment result in progress and significant positive changes.


We are changing lives

From one-day actions to long-term projects, Bosis offers different opportunities for changes. What is common for these actions is that they ensure positive changes when it comes to raising awareness about health and safety, environment protection, inclusion, culture, art and education. We are committed to sharing our knowledge and experience with the goal of improving the lives of people who live in our local community.


We support the youth

As the company which developed youth employment strategy and where the average employee age is 34 we know what is necessary in order that young people have success in modern business. Apart from youth employment we organize and prepare the young people for the new challenges in business, entrepreneurship and career preparation.


We promote the jobs in graphic industry

Through different form of cooperation with local educational institutions we try to promote the jobs in graphic industry and to educate young people about the necessary skills through practice and trainings.

We contribute to local community through