Bosis contribution to local community

We accept the projects of organizations and informal groups which have positive influence on the quality of lives of all local community members.

Request for donation

  • Submitting online request for donation during entire year

  • Support for the actions aimed at life improvement in local community which are not part of the competition

  • Amount up to 150eur in dinar counter value

  • Allocating funds until the planned budget is spent

  • Signing the Contract of donation

  • Reports on action results

Donations questionnaire

Da li zahtevate podršku za pojedince?

Areas in which Bosis supports the projects are following:

  • Culture, education and sports

    Support to realization of art and cultural events, Support to educational institutions and projects aimed at these area improvement

  • Health improvement and business

    – Support to projects aimed at health and disease prevention, Support to patients associations, and other organizations that deal with problems of people who suffer from severe diseases.

  • Environment protection

    Support to carrying out the projects intended for environment improvement.

  • Youth employment and entrepreneurship

    Support to carrying out the projects which have positive influence on the youth involvement in making decisions, skills development, starting a business, entrepreneurship ideas development.

  • Equality

    Support to minorities, vulnerable and socially handicapped categories of population

All projects which we donate for have to be directed to improving quality of life in the community where Bosis performs its business.

Bosis will not finance:

  • Individuals (travels, studies, conference attending, or similar activities)

  • Profit initiatives and projects aimed at making profits

  • Research projects (survey, evaluation, monitoring, testing and similar)

  • Activities of political parties, organizations and groups

  • Organizations/groups which promote or initiate intolerance and/or violence
  • Activities aimed at preaching or advocating certain religions

  • Organizations/groups which have access to significant funds of other donators or which are in direct relationship with international agencies and funds

  • Exclusive information, trainings, seminars or civil sector networking

  • Construction of buildings and other capital investments, apart from small construction objects that will help community inclusion in certain initiatives

  • Equipment (computers, fax machines, cameras, copy machines and other office equipment necessary for work), except in exceptional cases where the equipment is necessary for carrying out the activities and guarantees sustainability

  • Projects which refer to other municipalities or the entire country

  • Organizations or groups which are not from Serbia