Together towards success and sustainability

We at Bosis have different stakeholders that are important for our success. We consider the close cooperation and communication with our stakeholders a part of our everyday activities. We appreciate the dialogue with all stakeholders whatever their views and we want to connect with them constructively and from a long-term perspective.

Our commitment to cooperation with stakeholders starts from regular meetings and conversations with them to organizing different activities by which we overcome the local challenges together. On global level we are involved in UN Global agreement and in European alliance for apprenticeships (Eafa).

Bosis stakeholders are individuals, groups and organizations which are directly or indirectly related or influence Bosis, as well as the individuals, groups and organizations that Bosis influences. All together we achieve positive impact on environment, social and other matters

Our main stakeholders are:

  • Clients

    cooperation through constant visits, commitment of our teams that cooperate with them and ensuring added value.

  •  Employees and their representatives

    are given the opportunity to express their opinions through satisfaction and loyalty surveys, Employee council, regular meetings with management, development plans, ethics line and grievances procedure.

  •  Potential investors

    conversations and providing transparent information about Bosis.

  •  Business partners, suppliers and market participants

    knowledge sharing through training and meetings, involving our partners and suppliers in socially responsible activities.

  •  Local, national and international legislators

    regular meetings in order to ensure our business comply with the laws, filing reports and open cooperation with all law representatives.

  •  The media, interest groups, local community and general public

    regular and transparent information on Bosis activities and communication on public networks.

Cooperation with stakeholders

Expertise We want to share our knowledge with our stakeholders.
Integrity We act and operate with transparency and integrity
Value creating We want to create values for our stakeholders and form long-term partnership which will ensure values for both parties
Availability We are open for dialogue and we timely respond on the given feedback
Cooperation We believe in cooperation and we base our engagement on genuine dialogue- we engage, listen and act

We want to hear your opinion

Voice of stakeholders

You can participate as well

Needs assessment in local community