Recognizing packaging importance improves brand distinguishing and clients’ satisfaction

You have doubts that packaging can bring you competitive advantage?


We are your packaging expert

Strategies, ideas, Bosis service and support

Achieve competitive market advantage by working with us.

From lowering down the costs and savings making to increased efficiency, from increasing your sale to packaging structural design, we respond to most demanding challenges and solve the most complex packaging problems you have.

The packaging we produce and Bosis service we provide are adjusted to your needs and providing you benefits is our goal.

Lower down the costs

Protect the product

Improve efficiency

Lower down the costs

Competitors, pressure and price rise influence everything, from material to logistics in all industries. The same situation is with packaging. It is important to stay competitive!

Packaging speaks volumes about the product…
It makes first impression and it is crucial for branding.

Make savings! – we know strategies and have ideas how to do it

  • We rationalize your packaging
  • We decrease product packaging time
  • We decrease transportation cost
  • We prevent product damaging caused by transport
  • We decrease stock costs

Protect the product

There is no easier way to lose your client than to deliver damaged and poorly packed product

Part of the goods you deliver to your clients is often poorly packed and damaged. The goods can’t be sold- it is cost for you.

We decrease the impact of damages and low quality packaging of your product on your business

• We eliminate/ lower down the costs you have due to return or exchange of your damaged products
• We decrease the risk of your products damaging by selection and numerous packaging testing
• We suggest box type which provide safety for your products
• We analyze technical specifications of the boxes for you product

• We calculate packaging performances based on your products’ need, application and environment
• We choose materials that fit your product, budget and market
• We propose structural design, boxes conceptual design
• We produce samples and conduct practical testing

Improve efficiency

We increase efficiency of your operations

Excess stock is costly, but lacking stock or production stop even more. We decrease the stress in planning process.

• We decrease the stress caused by stock planning
• We anticipate stocks for you
• We manage stock for you
• We plan and organize timely delivery in accordance to real needs
• We keep your appropriately packed products in clean and safe warehouse area
• We manage material stock necessary for your products
• We provide efficient system of new orders management
• We adjust our packaging to your warehouses
• We cut down the administration

• Standardized product packing and labeling
• We rationalize space in your warehouse
• We analyze your warehouse and choose best methods for packaging storage
• We decrease number of operations your employees need to manage the packaging
• We standardize packaging methods
• We cut down the time necessary for packaging and folding
• We suggest multifunctional packaging
• We decrease packaging time and number of operations of your employees

We guarantee the best packaging for your product

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of printed and laminated cardboard packaging
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