Packaging production method

Cardboard packaging


Cardboard packaging is produced from different types of cardboard (cellulose, coated, uncoated, layered…) and different cardboard weights.

Bosis has longtime experience in production of cardboard packaging. We produce cardboard boxes of different sizes and shapes for the well-known brands.

Laminated packaging


Laminated packaging is made of two different, glued material layers. One layer can be previously printed paper or white-lined chipboard, and other can be corrugated paper in E, B, F or N flute. This material allows application of different graphic solutions and shapes in production of your packaging. Laminated cardboard has greater capacity and endurance which provide additional safety and protection for your product.

Volumes of the laminated packaging we have produced so far are counted in tens of million items.

Blister cards


Blister cards are produced by combining offset printing technique and blister varnish application on the surface of printed cardboard. Plastic transparent foils (PVC, PET, PS) of different thickness which suit dimensions of the product you pack in it can be applied on blister cards produced at Bosis.

Bosis has significant experience and well-known brands as clients for blister packaging.

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