Independent process control

– We conduct control of flute production and lamination

– We conduct control of diecutting

– We conduct control of gluing and finishing

– We conduct control of printing

We offer

Independent process control which ensures additional product control during all operations in production what ensures preventing potential mistakes on time, stop production if necessary and thus eliminate additional costs.

Process control of printing which includes control of FSC declaration identification on products where clients demand FSC application, barcode, press quality, varnish application based on sample/drawing, impurities on press, control of adhesion of blister varnish in order to ensure continuous color application and prevent potential print deviations compared to reference client sample.

Process control of flute production and lamination which includes checking of adhesiveness of two layer flute, adhesiveness of corrugated sheet in order to prevent product layering

Process control of die cutting which includes checking creasing lines, cuts on products, folding features and product assembling in order to ensure defined functionality.

Process control of gluing and finishing which includes checking of folding features, adhesiveness, product forming and possible damages identifying.



Spectro eye


Barcode reader


Device for testing blister varnish


Device for testing box compression