Reliable suppliers – loyal clients

Bosis builds partnership with the suppliers by involving them in all stages of product development and production and by satisfying the needs and requests of our clients. At the same time, we tend to promote ethics, quality, environment protection, occupational health and safety, responsible business and sustainability commitment among our suppliers and we always opt for those who share our values and are ready to cooperate.

We are open to cooperate with new suppliers – future partners.

We are ready to test new technologies, materials, products and services.

Partnership journey

Our partnership journey with our suppliers is based on agreement and dialogue which is beneficial for both parties and implies same values and standards sharing, involving in our supply chain and ensuring the best products for our clients.

Initial criteria for supplier selection

In order to include you as a potential supplier, you should apply in our suppliers base by filling the form and ensuring that you fulfill our initial criteria for supplier selection. Initial criterias are not subject to negotiation.

Supplier questionnaire

We're trying to share the same values with our partners, such as quality, safety and health, work conditions and commitment to responsibility and sustainability.

External audits

Less risk in supply chain

In order to ensure high quality standards, ethics and sustainability in supply chain we conduct external audits at our suppliers with the final goal to achieve our clients’ satisfaction. During external audits our experts evaluate the level of your compliance with the following

  • the principles of conduct we defined for suppliers
  • quality standards
  • implementing good practices

We also check up the documentation and conduct interviews with your employees during which they confirm the validity of the data submitted in supplier questionnaire.

After conducting the audit, through dialogue with you we suggest improvement measures.

Together we empower and improve the products and our supply chain

Schedule a meeting

If you would like to meet our company representatives and discuss potential cooperation, please fill in online request


You can report all your grievances regarding the violation of Code of ethical and business conduct and employees’ professional behavior by filling in grievance form. We will investigate all reported problems discreetly and take necessary activities in order to prevent reoccurrence of undesired situations.
We always choose high quality materials for our products which comply with the standards and at the same time originate from responsible and sustainable resources.

Find out more about the materials we use in production and become our supplier.

In order to help existing and potential suppliers to cooperate with us in best possible manner we prepared answers to most common questions we have been asked during previous years.