Health and safety

We are committed to occupational health and safety, wellbeing and welfare of our employees and other interested parties which can be affected by our activities.

We achieve this by ensuring that our equipment, facilities and offices are equipped and organized in accordance to regulations and that our employees are aware, trained and competent for safe and healthy work. We implement continual improvements for our management systems and control of occupational health and safety by defining proactive goals for safe and healthy workplace.

Occupational health and safety goals

We are committed to achieving

  • 0 % fatal and serious incidents
  • decrease of total number of incidents
  • 100% compliance with certifies OH&S management system

Our approach

We tend to make safe workplace and environment in which all employees and external process, products and services suppliers put OHS first no matter whether they are office, manufacturing, warehouse worker or on the trip.

OHS comes first

We are focused on

  • Establishing safe and healthy workplace
  • Building competencies for OHS
  • Developing culture of safe and healthy workplace
  • Assigning responsibilities and authorities for safe and healthy fork to each individual

Ensuring OHS is fundamental for our long-term goals and sustainable business.

We consider that abiding to regulations is not enough and that is why we introduced the systems which identify and minimize risks, prevent incidents and continuously improve workplace health and safety.

Three principles guide us in achieving our vision and approach to safety, health, wellbeing and welfare of our people:


0 workplace injuries

Trainings and refresh training for all employees

OHS council discussed OHS


We work on preventing professional and other disease caused by hazard such as noise, exposure to dust, chemicals, ergonomic hazards and decrease the risk for our people

We introduce, apply and maintain processes for eliminating dangers and decreasing OH&S risks by using the following management hierarchies:

  • danger elimination;
  • exchange with less dangerous processes, operations, material or less dangerous equipment;
  • usage of engineer management and work reorganization;
  • usage of administrative management, including the training;
  • usage of appropriate personal safety equipment.


We introduce programs for protection of employees workplace health and safety while they are at work but also when they are not; we are help them to protect from endemic diseases, injuries and develop initiatives which support their wellbeing and welfare.

Personal safety equipment is provided for all employees.

We organize medical examination for employees.

All our employees are covered by 24h insurance:

  • of accident consequences,
  • of total disablement,
  • of death caused by accident,
  • of death caused by disease

Continuous improvements

We analyze, evaluate, check OH&S performance and take measures for improvement.

We introduce improvement which, if necessary involve:

  • ”turning” changes,
  • reorganization,
  • introducing the new technologies,
  • suggestions and recommendations of interested parties,
  • new knowledge regarding occupational health and safety,
  • applying internal and external good practices regarding the company,
  • new or improved material
  • changes in employees’ capabilities or competencies,
  • trainings,
  • simplifications,
  • regular and periodic medical examinations for employees,
  • conducting emergency drills,
  • promoting the culture which supports OH&S management system
I am responsible for my safety and the safety of people around me

Added value to the system is:

Management commitment
Employees’ involvement

  • We certified OH&S management system
  • Ecovadis and SMETA are highly ranked and evaluated
  • We respect the code of ethical and business conduct
  • We respect the laws
  • We apply Global standards

We have the teams which ensure that we have appropriate good practice regarding workplace health and safety.

We conduct regular reviews of OHS management system

We carry out trainings for healthy and safe work in all department and working groups

We perform internal and external audits and by self-evaluation determine level of compliance with the requirements and improvement actions

Evaluation of OHS culture and people understanding of this topic and methods of involvement

Respecting global standards and introduction of actions in the company

Behavior programs for main incidents and trends

Organizing safety week and explaining how it affects the families


of employees involved in OHS in the company

We continue to enforce capacities and expertise of our OHS teams and employees

We continuously improve our internal knowledge, decision making process and benchmark delivery.

We perform audits

We provide support to employees through counseling and coaching