Expecting human rights and maintain exceptional working conditions

We do business in the part of the world where the risk of violence of human rights is insignificant. Our guide are the principles of the United Nations and we are signatory of the UN Global Compact.

We are committed to implementing systematic solutions by which we evaluate current and potential risks regarding human rights in our supply chain.

We defined the Code of ethical and business conduct for our employees and Code of ethical and business conduct for our suppliers.

We ensure respect of human rights in our business and encourage all interested parties starting from our clients and suppliers to our employees to report all violation of the Code of conduct and human rights

Business practice

Our employees are the most important for our business. We strive to make positive work environment, exceptional working conditions and occupational health and safety.

! Employment of children and minors is UNACCEPTABLE in our company and in our supply chain!


of employed children and minors at Bosis an our supply chain

No healthy and safe employees- no healthy business


raising awareness about occupational health and safety
building a culture where provisions of OHS are respected
providing healthy and safe work conditions
training of employees for safe work


training level of employees for safe work

We are involved in identifying and decreasing the risks, incident prevention and continuous improvement of OHS.

We prevent possible workplace hazards and decrease risk exposure of our employees. We also take care of employees’ safety while they are at work and we promote OHS as an important matter.

Different opinions, personalities, stands and other differences enrich us and are welcome

We are committed to providing equal opportunities and chances for everybody without any type of discrimination. Employment and advancement are strictly based on one’s talent.


female employees


number of grievances


Policy of equal opportunities

We cultivate our talents

We believe that with each better individual the company is better as well and that is why we are committed to training and development of our employees.


We give our employees opportunity to develop different knowledge and skills and to build different careers within our company.

We strive to develop our employees and to internally fill higher job positions with candidates who have necessary experience and competence for specific job positions.


of management positions filled internally


number of employees who have worked on more than 2 different positions


of employees involved in talent program


of training per year

Workplace learning, mentorship program, job rotation, formal and informal internal and external trainings, e-learning platform are just some of the tools we use for the training and development of our employees.

Communication is crucial

We listen to our employees’ opinion and nurture the opinion sharing and feedback culture.


of employees participated in employees engagement questionnaire


Employees’ councils

Our employees are always informed about company’s goals and business
We use different communication channels in order to keep our employees informed
We encourage our employees to express their opinions
We carry out researches
We involve employees in decision making process through formal and informal channels
We encourage employees to give improvement suggestions