Responsible employer – responsible employees

Bosis doesn’t achieve goals on its own, but together with our employees.

All members of Bosis team are united by our purpose and values and our relations are what influences Bosis success. Through trainings and organizational culture implementation we build the teams which live ,,Bosis family” concept.

We respect and nurture those relations by seeking and accepting differences, by honest and transparent communication and making partnership and inclusive environment. We treat everyone with dignity and fairness while respecting all the laws which refer to employees’ rights and working conditions.

Nonviolent workplace

What we believe

Workplace free of violence, weapons and conflicts ensure team members to be more efficient and concentrated on their work.

What does it mean for our employees

Our employees have to be polite and professional to their colleagues and our clients. Bringing or using any weapons that can inflict any injury is strictly forbidden at Bosis.

Drug-free and alcohol-free workplace

What we believe

Alcohol, drugs and other illegal substances have negative influence on behavior, reliability and judgment and they are strictly forbidden at Bosis.

What does it mean for our employees

Team members are strictly forbidden from consumption, possession or distribution of alcohol, drugs and other illegal substances while working, using Bosis equipment (including Bosis vehicles) or engaging in Bosis business.

Responsible communication

What we believe

Communication helps us connect with each other, our clients and our stakeholders. The things we say show who we are and what we advocate for. We communicate in the way which demonstrates our values, improves our purpose, reputation and brand.

What does it mean for our employees

Our employees must avoid offensive or aggressive language or anything else that would disparage Bosis. Furthermore, they always have to be trustworthy and accurate. In communication our employees are led by the principles which are defined in Bosis- procedures related to corporate governance.

Workplace health and safety

Health and safety of our employees is one of the most important things in our business since we consider that only the healthy employee is satisfied employee.

All our objects fulfill safety requirements, and through constant education we raise employee awareness about the importance of following the rules which ensure workplace health and safety.

We regularly organize free of charge medical examinations for our employees such us sight and hearing examinations, and we also help them when they need support in their therapy.

What we believe

We operate in accordance with all applicable laws regarding workplace health and safety and we take care of our employees’ safety.

What does it mean for our employees

Our employees have to follow all the laws and Bosis procedures regarding health and safety. We train them to be careful and to follow work procedures no matter whether they are performing their work in or outside Bosis.

Equality, diversity, inclusion

Bosis is committed to Equal opportunity policy in all areas of business, but especially in areas of employment and employee relations. All candidates applying for the job at Bosis have equal rights and their applications are evaluated based on the pre-defined criteria. The same is when it comes to employee’s performance evaluation when we ensure that they are not discriminated on any basis.

Gender equality

There are no different rules for women

Diversity and inclusion have great importance for employees’ satisfaction and engagement. That is why we make efforts to make up our teams from different members which skills will contribute to Bosis’ improvement.

We pay special attention to inclusion and employment of women and ensure equality between genders by defining and implementing the measures for gender equality and by organizing workshops for the girls on which they have the chance to explore the skills which are necessary for employees.

What we believe

Having a diverse workforce made up of team members who have different skills, abilities, experiences and attitudes is the foundation of our success.

What does it mean for our employees

We value the diversity of all our employees and that is why we try to ensure inclusive workplace. All our employees have equal opportunities when it comes to career advancement and development at Bosis, and every job candidate has the opportunity to become a part of Bosis family.