Packaging, finishing and logistics

Technological processes

Packaging, finishing and logistics

– Strapping, stretching, labeling

– Storage in modern rack warehouse

– Managing clients’ stock

– Managing warehouses by WMS software

We offer

Choice of type and method of transport packaging which allow client automatic packaging of final product

Storage in modern rack warehouse at Bosis which ensures product safety and availability in accordance to clients’ needs

Barcode labels in accordance to GS1 standard at client’s request

Managing client’s stocks

Organizing packaging shipments in accordance to clients’ demands within shortest time possible

Managing warehouses through WMS (Warehouse Management System), the software which ensures punctuality and traceability in warehouse business



Automatic line for pallet stretching WS 46 and automatic entrance to warehouse


Label printer Citizen


Automatic machine for packaging strapping


Machines for automatic box sealing with sellotape


Linde pallet trucks, electric pallets forklifts


Catepillar and Toyota forklifts