Quality work, training and expertise, commitment to job and company are the characteristics of employees in Maintenance department.

Our moto is that a resource should never let us down what ensures that our client within product price has:


  • Maximum quality of the product
  • Ensured production repeatability
  • Claim minimal risk
  • Machines maximum productivity
  • Delivery punctuality and possibility of precise production planning
  • Minimum number of system failure
  • Minimum expenses of equipment maintenance by ensuring quality preventive maintenance
We are trained for and specialized in servicing the machine and equipment of the world eminent manufacturers – KBA, Bobst, Asitrade, Jagenberg

Proper operation and technical punctuality of the machine we ensure by

  • adjustment
  • surveilance
  • preventive and corrective measures
  • check-ups
  • eliminating main problems on equipment
  • planning of maintenance
  • preventive maintenance
  • managing new equipment
  • employee training
  • constant improvements
  • maintaining order, cleanness and discipline by implementation of 5S method

Instead of reactive maintenance – “Repair broken” we switched to “Predict and prevent” maintenance system.

We affect potential standstills preventively what ensures on time delivered product for our clients

Preventive maintenance benefits

  1. Prolongates life cycle of resources while decreasing the need of capital exchange
  2. Increases equipment efficiency
  3. Increases effective working time what improves machine performances
  4. Decreases unplanned maintenances
  5. Increase reaction speed to new problems
  6. Contributes to company’s reputation

More safety and cleanness with 5S method implementation

Cleanness facilitates maintenance and decreases the time of equipment and machines unavailability

5S is structural approach to workplace cleaning, organizing and standardizing, efficiency creation and constant improvements.

5S benefits in maintenance

Decrease of waste
Efficiency decrease
Less space needed for storage
Improved maintenance

Improved occupational health and safety
Committed employees
Improved quality