One company, numerous possibilities

Our employees change more careers than most people during entire career, and all that within one company.

40% of employees who worked on more than 2 positions at Bosis

100% internally filled managerial positions

25% average number of employees who advance during the year

70% of employees who started their career after graduating and still working at Bosis




Hours of training



Our employees are the reason for our success

We are recognized as a responsible employer
with a working culture in which employees achieve their full potential

Business culture focused on employees

  • we know that each employee has unique skills, qualities and motivation that has to be nurtured
  • Personal development and success of our employees lead to Bosis’ development and success


We believe that our worth is measured by the number of quality people we attract and retain at Bosis

70 employees working up to 5 years at Bosis

15 employees working up to 10 years at Bosis

28 employees working up to 20 years at Bosis

18 employees working up to 30 years at Bosis

  • We grow
  • we develop
  • we take care of environment
  • we help local community

all together!