Your career from good to great

Jobs diversity, possibility to move from one position to another does not involve only change of position, department or area of work, but it also requires a lot of learning while providing significant experience, broader job perspectives and workplace challenges that all together have a positive impact on your career at Bosis. Advancement to higher positions partly depends on the extent to which you have been mobile during your career.

Your career path is a reflection of your aspirations and decisions related to your professional development, in which you have a decisive role. Bosis provides you support by setting up systems that help you improve and support your decisions.

Career advisor

During your work at Bosis, our Advisor can help you to successfully start your career.

Following services are available through our training and counseling centers:

  • Information on career planning
  • Opportunities for learning
  • Support in moving from one job to another
  • Coaching in career
  • Career guidance
  • Workshops for skills improvement
  • As well as information on human resource management and development issues