What we expect from employees?

Diversity is appreciated

  • different gender
  • different age
  • different education
  • different experience
  • different knowledge
  • different profession
  • different competencies
  • different personality types

Be yourself- that makes us a successful company!

In our team, we want people who are honest, fair, impartial and trustworthy. In addition, it is important to us that our employees are dynamic and adaptable, not afraid to think out of the box, and to be proactive and flexible.

We expect employees to act in accordance with our values.

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    Strive to excellence in everything you do, because the quality of your work and our products is something that is implied and that contributes to high customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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    Always act as an ethical person that your colleagues and clients can rely on.
    Be trustworthy and always do what is right in the workplace.
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    Build partnership and fair relations with colleagues and clients. Respect others, their opinions and differences. Participate in helping local community together with other colleagues.
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    Follow the trends and develop yourself every day in order to progress, and thus contribute to the personal and Bosis advancement.
Apart from respecting our values, it is important that our employees also have competencies, attitudes and behaviors that positively affect success at the workplace.
  • Professionalism and accountability

    Professionalism means that you are dedicated, conscientious and effective in achieving results and respecting defined deadlines. It is important to show that you are competent in the area in which you work and proud of the work you do in each situation. At the same time, it is important to take responsibility for the work you do, but also to comply with our laws, procedures and guidelines and the Code of Ethical Business and Conduct.

  • Client Orientation

    Clients are in the first place and therefore you need to keep in mind their needs, build partnerships and be ready to offer them the best solutions. Their results are also our results.

  • Health and safety awareness

    Only when we are healthy we can achieve our goals. That is why, during our work, we always have to keep in mind whether our actions are safe for our health and the health of our colleagues and everyone else in our environment.

  • Team work and communication

    We all work together to fulfill our goals and therefore teamwork is very important. As a member of the team, it is important to respect others and to accept their ideas and attitudes, but also to contribute to the success of the team. We learned to help each other and openly communicate inside and outside the teams.

  • Commitment to continuous learning

    We offer our employees a range of different training programs and thus provide them with opportunities to develop and progress professionally. From the first working day, employees are included in the continuous learning cycle, which begins with orientation and initial training for the workplace, and later continues with the implementation of the trainings aimed at improving and developing the specific skills and knowledge required for specific positions. Since keeping up with business trends is one of the most important requirements of today’s market, it is important that we continually learn and apply them together.

What we expect from our leaders and supervisors?

  • Vision

    It is important that our employees have a vision in which direction Bosis is going and what we need to achieve this vision. When employees understand what we strive to they can create a clear vision of the future and link their everyday work with the achievement of Bosis goals. Therefore, it is important that the managers understand the significance of the vision in order that they can communicate it and approach it to their employees.

  • Leadership

    At Bosis, leaders are role models for employees, always ready to listen to them before taking actions. At the same time, our leaders build good relationships with employees and support them, but they also make difficult decisions and manage change when necessary.

  • Empowering others

    What is crucial for success is that leaders and managers develop their employees. A good leader and supervisor delegates responsibility, clearly defines what he expects from his employees, participates in managing the careers of his employees, appreciates contribution and expertise.
  • Performance management

    Evaluation of employees, career planning and defining training and competencies necessary for achieving performance are another responsibility of the manager. Although it is not always easy to conduct discussions regarding this topic, giving and accepting feedback and constant communication about the performance provide benefit for both sides.

  • Building trust

    At Bosis we often work in teams. When a team leader has confidence in an employee, he empowers him and makes him proud for being part of the team. A good manager is open for the opinions of others, works in accordance with the agreements and gives a recognition to the team. Therefore, it is important that the team leaders create an atmosphere which welcomes and appreciates expression of opinion.

  • Business environment knowledge and technical skills

    It is important that you have awareness and good knowledge of business environment, but also to keep up with the trends in the industry so that you can innovate and come up with fresh ideas that will give Bosis and our clients advantage over the competition. Apart from this, you also need technical skills, that is, specific skills for a job that will ensure to perform your job well.